Need ideas? Go fish!

I promised to post some photos from the editorial department’s trip to Hallmark last week so here are a few.


The photo above is from a writing studio at Hallmark established by Gordon MacKenzie, author of Orbiting the Giant Hairball. He’s the most famous (or infamous) creative from the company and worked there for thirty years.

This particular studio is decorated with random items from antique stores like roll-top desks, stained-glass windows, and even an old piano. When there are brainstorms, everyone sits around the table and throws their ideas into this fish.


These lovely ladies from left to right are: Ann, a Senior Editor; Bonnie, a Senior Writer; and Susan, another Senior Editor. They work wonders. Ann and Susan edit over 4,000 items each year. Amazing! I’ll tell you a bit more about Bonnie in a moment. 

They’re standing outside the Hallmark Creative Research Library. It’s a wonderful place where writers and designers can go to look at magazines, read books, and find other sources of inspiration. 


Here’s another photo of Bonnie and I outside the library. You’ve probably read many of Bonnie’s words on our cards and gifts. A few fun facts about her are…

1) She’s a Northerner and lives in another state. So getting to be with her is a treat for us. She likes to come see us so she can go to Sonic.

2) She’s the most stylish grandma I’ve ever met.

3) She’s an amazing baker. Every year she sends us Christmas cookies so intricate and beautiful that Martha Stewart would be jealous.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes from Bonnie…

Hope is a kite for the soul,

carried by the wind of God’s Spirit

to a place where cares fade

and things look brighter…

where you begin to see that

His faithfulness will never

let you down–it will only

lift you higher than you’ve

ever been before.

–Bonnie Jensen

Isn’t that fabulous?

The grand finale photo of the day is of our fearless leader, Linn. He’s a humble guy who doesn’t take compliments well. In fact, he’ll probably be far more upset with me for telling you that he’s one of the godliest, greatest guys you’ll ever meet (and he’s a lot of fun too) than he will be that I posted this picture.

I’ll let you guess which one he is…


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