No Matter What You’ve Done…God is Not Done with You

photo by stevendepolo

photo by stevendepolo

It’s been one of those days–the kind I wish I could rewind and begin again. I’ve messed up. Made mistakes. Fallen down. The truth feels hollow and the lies feel loud. I wonder if God can still use me. Even more, if he still wants to use me. I know the answer already but I need to ask the irrational question anyway.

I whisper to my husband, “Do you think God wants to get rid of me?”

Without a pause he replies, “No, but I think the devil does.”

And with that simple statement, a switch flips in my heart. I recognize the “you’re not good enough, how could you, you’ve let everyone down” voice for who it truly belongs to. Not my Advocate but my accuser.

There is no condemnation for us in Jesus. And God uses messy, broken, people. In fact, they’re the only kind he uses because they’re the only kind that exist.

So if you’re hearing that lie today too, if you’ve fallen down, then listen to the truth instead and get back up.

No matter what you’ve done…God is not done with you.



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About Holley

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