OUT of INsecurity 14: Cupcakes for the Soul

Sprinkles Cupcake Tower I woke this morning dreaming of cupcakes…big, delicious ones with thick frosting and cream filling. You know the kind.

My mind must have conjured up that goodness after reading the history of Sprinkles Cupcakes for the first time. Add a sermon about a man asking for bread and there you go–carbs in the night.

What I loved about the Sprinkles story is that a big part of starting the company for founder Candace Nelson was just to bring joy to others.

And what I loved about the sermon is that my amazing pastor Mark Schatzman spoke about prayer and right in the middle of his words a new lightbulb went off in my heart about bringing joy to others too.

Mark shared about a parable Jesus tells in Luke. Basically, a guy has a friend come to town and unexpectedly and has nothing to feed him. So he goes to his neighbor and asks for bread.

At first, the neighbor whines about it being late at night but the guy keeps on banging and eventually gets the bread. The whole point of the parable is that if a cranky neighbor will give you bread when you ask then how much more will the God who deeply loves you?

What I saw differently this time is that the guy was asking for bread for someone else. And he says three little words that caught me by surprise, “I have nothing.”

Insecurity prompts us to say those words too. Yes?

But having nothing doesn’t stop this man. It only provides a reason to make a request.

What if we responded that way too?

Someone needs bread–perhaps physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Yet we feel we have nothing to offer. (And, really, apart from Christ that’s true.) But we aren’t apart from Him, ever. And we have limitless access to all of His resources.

So God invites us to ask for break on behalf of each other. And to ask boldly, persistently.

“Give us this day our daily bread” goes the line in the Lord’ prayer.

What if that bread isn’t just for us?

What if it’s for someone else too?

Amazing news…all we have to do is ask.

And, girls, I’ve decided I’m not just asking for any ol’ bread if I’m talking to the limitless God of the universe. I’m doing a little dreaming and asking for cupcakes to pass around (aka joy)…big, delicious ones with pink frosting and cream filling. You know the kind.

When I planned this series, I didn’t know about Beth Moore’s new book, So Long, Insecurity, You’ve Been A Bad Friend to Us. Everything she does is excellent and I highly recommend it as well as her blog!

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