I Love People Who Laugh So Hard They Snort

Hello, Friend! I hope your week is going well! I’m writing from my favorite coffee shop and there’s an empty seat across from me. Wish you were here! For now here’s some encouragement for you…

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I love people who laugh so hard they snort.

Take One Minute to Remember… Your awkwardness is endearing.

I’m falling in love with the awkward. It’s where we find out which one of our friends laughs so hard she snorts. It’s where the mascara runs right down our faces, and we discover how lovely the ugly cry can be. It’s where we remember we are not God — and that is a very good thing. It’s where we learn to believe we’re loved for who we are and not who we sometimes wish we could be.

The people who impress me most these days are not the ones on stages or those with the most likes on their social media pages. I’m impressed with the folks who show up in the everyday and say, “Here I am. There you are. Let’s figure out how to love each other, even when it’s awkward.” I love the people who say the wrong thing sometimes and fidget when they’re nervous and trip over the welcome mat. Those are my people, my kind. Yours too?

Showing up as you are, refusing to hide or hold back, is a brave, beautiful, world-changing, endearing thing.


10 Second Step: Pause and pray, “God, help me remember that I don’t have to be perfect to be loved today. Give me the courage to show up as I am and give others permission to do the same. Amen.”


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About Holley

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