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A few months ago on an ordinary evening, a tornado ripped through the town of Joplin just a couple of hours north of where I live. Most of us have seen photos of the destruction. What’s harder to see is the hope that has been steadily growing in unlikely places ever since. 

My friends Brent and Kristin Morris are helping that hope take shape in visible ways through a creative project called The Hope Memorial. Using shreds of metal from the destroyed Salvation Army building, they’re helping construct a beautiful memorial that will remind all who see it about that anything can be redeemed.


We all know what that’s like, don’t we? In the middle of an ordinary day a storm rips through our lives and we are never the same. Yet we also find unexpected grace, more of God’s goodness, a new hope we never thought possible. Yes, all that happens to us can be transformed in ways we never imagined.

So I’m asking you, my wonderful readers, to be part of The Hope Memorial. On the back of the memorial will be prayers. Will you leave a comment sharing a simple prayer for the city of Joplin? Please also share your name and where you’re from {ex: Anna from Texas}.

Brent and Kristin will creatively incorporate your words into the memorial and you will give the people of Joplin a wonderful gift. Thank you so much. Please share this with your friends and family too…


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