Surprise! You’re Delightful…

Eggs by Terren in Virginia (flickr) The words snatch my breath…

The Lord will again delight in being good to you. (Deut. 30:9)

I rub my barely-opened eyes, sit straighter under the covers in early morning light. Did I read that right?

With Easter barely past, images of parents hiding eggs in yards, parks, under bushes, drift through my mind like a dream. It’s pretty strange behavior, really.

But you only need to hear the squeals, watch the smiles, catch a glimpse of the delight in a child’s eyes to understand why we do it.

And if imperfect parents love to delight their children how much more does our perfect Heavenly Father?

My heart whispers three profund letters, Huh.

It feels odd, this kind of grace.

I understand giving us hope in hard times.

I can grasp tolerant love for undeserving sinners.

But the great God of the universe delighting in being good to me?

It’s scandalous.

Squirm-in-my-seat uncomfortable.

Lightning-may-hit-my-laptop scary.

Because it blows up my God-box and beckons me to places I’ve not yet been.

But it’s true.

It has to be true because it’s there, written in holy pages, His secret smile inked onto paper so we could read it.

God delights in being good to you.

Happy heart sighs all around.

Let’s simply enjoy the wonder of that today…

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About Holley

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