The car swerved…

Flat Tire by Deliranted Bestiole (flickr) 

Looking back I noticed the driver, a woman with a startled look on her face. The bump-bump of her passenger tire told me she had gotten a flat fast.

We were on the way to church. It was cold. Two weeks ago my brother-in-law was hit by a driver under the influence while helping an older man change a tire.

I didn’t want to stop.

But that nudge (you know the one) kept coming.

So I told my husband I thought we should turn around. 

We went back to find her surveying the damage. My husband added a spare while she and I made small talk as we waited.

I wish I could tell you it felt amazing but I’d by lyingit just felt freezing and awkward.

Turns out being a good Samaritan isn’t as glamorous as it sounds in that story.

But somehow it felt more like Christmas as we drove away.

After all, isn’t that what it’s all about? God letting us interrupt Him..sending His Son to the earth to save us. We’re all stranded on the side of life’s highway with a deflated heart before He comes along.

I’d forgotten. And that woman on the highway helped me remember what matters most this time of yearnot the busyness, gift-shopping, go-go-going.

I thought pulling over was about being sidetracked. 

Turns out it was about getting back on track.  

We changed her tire…she changed my perspective.

You decide which one is the greater gift.  

Thank you, stranger.

Thank you, Jesus.

What helps you refocus during the busy Christmas season?

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