The JOY Challenge: Day 10 – Saying (and Saving) Grace

I’m deliberately finding joy for forty days. To start from day one click here. 

holy experience

Each morning before we go into the world, husband and I sit down, grasp hands, ask for grace on our day.
I don’t remember how this began…I think as an anxious newlywed I feared that he would not come home again. I prayed mostly for safety in those days.


As time went on, other requests slipped in…work, those we loved, our desire to have a family.


It still feels awkward much of the time, this coming together.


You think it would be easy, natural…after all, our lips meet without any commotion.


But there is something about the bringing together of soulsof two becoming onein a real, tangible way that never feels like we think it should.


So we stumble our way through the words, often distracted, sometimes simply doing so in obligation.


But STILL, still, God somehow meets us there. I know it. I feel it.


And those prayers are the tie that binds, the cord that leads our hearts back together when we’re prone to stray.


So we say grace every morning…and then we receive it.


Enough for that moment, enough for that day.


And, sometimes, when we least expect it, joy quietly slips in too.


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About Holley

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