The Pattern of a Life


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I hear the soft whoosh of a wheelchair moving over carpet. I look up with little girl eyes to see my Nana smiling at me from the doorway. It’s the same smile she gives everyone. The kind that says, “I know life can be hard but, even more, I know God is still good.”She works in the bookstore she and my Grandpa started together. Customers wander in and ask for best-sellers, Bibles, answers to life’s questions. One she gets asked often is this: “How can I have the joy you do?”

Polio at age twenty-nine took the strength from her legs. But not from her heart. She kept that until she slipped home to Jesus over ten years ago. And her legacy still lives on—in me, our family, all the lives she touched through the years.

My grandmother turned disability into Hisability…

Will you come read the rest with me at 99balloons during their special week of talking about imperfect vessels?



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