The Rest of Your Story 3: Familiar Words

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As a child, I climbed up in the branches of a tree in our yard. A “Y” between two of them made the perfect spot for a little girl’s back and books to lean.

I loved the crisp feel of the new pages…the start of something wonderful.

Our focus for this series will be moving forward with the stories of our lives but sometimes that means looking back a bit first.

I mentioned that childhood memory because it’s etched in my mind. I imagine you have those too.

And when I peer at this memory closely, I see not just a tree but the seeds of the woman I would one day become.

The books I read in those days were simple. Often the same words were repeated.

Our lives can be much like that too. And the words that appear over and over usually reveal the heart of our story.

For example, some of my words would be…








Sometimes we get so used those words being in our lives that we skim over them when they appear. So today I want all of us to pause together and take a good, hard look.

As as writer, I’m very careful about which words I choose depending on the kind of story I’m writing. God is the ultimate author and He put those familiar words in your story for a reason…they reveal a lot about His purpose for you.

What words are repeated over and over in your story? (We’ll build on this in the next post.)

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