Things Our Hearts Forget: We Need Each Other

I peer out the back glass of the lake house. The hill behind it slopes and curves until it melts into little waves that tease the shore in the morning light. My friend, Dawn Camp, is stepping around a piece of driftwood–a massive tree trunk that looks old and wise, worn smooth from time and turbulence. She snaps her camera from every angle and the limbs seem to pose like models for her.

I smile and wish for the thousandth time I could see the world through her eyes just for a day.

The same weekend a small group of us circled around a fireplace, cozy in blankets, woolly socks just barely touching, sipping hot chocolate and talking. About dreams. About who we are. About what our Pinterest boards say about us. All part of Camp Creativpreneur.

Dawn speaks up and tells me about a strength she’s seen in me. I’m startled. I’d not recognized it before. But in the lovely snap of that sentence, I can see it. And I know it’s true. My heart glows a little brighter along with the wood on the fire.

And I’m thankful for seeing the world through Dawn’s eyes just for a moment.

That’s the way it is with friendship, with sisters, with fellow travelers on this journey.

We need each other’s perspective. As the saying goes, “You can’t see the picture from inside the frame.” Our vision is limited. We widen it only by taking someone else by the hand and saying, “Look at this world, look at my life, what do you see?” Then we listen with our hearts.

And when we do, we change.

We discover truth we didn’t notice before.

We learn, we grow, we capture a bit of life and hold it in our hands.


I look back at photos from that weekend from time to time. I can tell right away which ones are Dawn’s. No one else sees it quite like she does. And the world through her eyes is beautiful.


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photo credit: Floral from (in)courage, Dawn Camp Photography & Design

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