Things Our Hearts Forget: We’re Made to Celebrate

We slide into the last four empty seats on the patio. Red umbrellas wave in welcome as they hover above couples on dates, coworkers winding down, and groups of friends gathered to catch-up. Stephanie and I are here with our husbands for a different reason.

We’re here to celebrate.

We’ve just finished a project. We don’t yet know how it will turn out. We’ve only seen glimpses.

But we’re celebrating anyway.

Because after years of creativity and work we’ve learned this: we’re to celebrate God’s goodness and our obedience–not results.

The moment you say “yes” to God and move forward in what He asks of you is the moment you become successful. Not when you hit the numbers. Not when you meet expectations. Not when you make heads turn.

True success happens when no one is looking, no one hears, in the quiet of your heart where there’s only a divine invitation and an acceptance of it.

We feast under a clear blue sky that smells like just-after-rain. The pavement is still wet in some places. There are clouds in the distance. Who knows if they may come.

But for now we make time stand still. We don’t ask, “What’s next?” We don’t say, “We really should have….” We hold our God-sized dream in our hands and we drink deep of it. And we feel the delight of the One who gave it to us.

Time ticks again and problems arise, disappointments come and we’re glad we did this first. Before all that. Because it reminds us of what matters.

We need celebration because it covers our souls, a red umbrella. Joy stretched out above us, held by the unseen hands.

How do you celebrate?


P.S. I am writing from Canada this morning, Wednesday, May 16th, because I am on the show 100 Huntley Street. If you would like to tune in, please do! Or if you miss it live, you can watch it later online.  

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About Holley

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