Things Our Hearts Forget: You’re Carried

The plane takes off as we giggle nervously. With room for only eight passengers, this is hardly a luxury flight. There are no stewardesses offering peanuts as the vast Alaskan wilderness stretches beneath us. My family and I soar over pristine waters, vibrant green trees, and a magnificent glacier. We’re taken to places we could never go on our own. After a wonderful flight, the pilot touches down and says, “I hope you enjoyed the ride.”

Later I think about the places I feel called to go in life—not actual spots on a map, but the destinations God seems to have written onto my heart. Sometimes they feel as tall as one of those Alaskan mountaintops, and I wonder how I’ll ever be able to reach them.

But then God shows up and says, “Just get on board, girl.” I step inside His will and take a seat, and soon we’re moving. I’m slowly learning our job isn’t to fly. Oh, I still try it sometimes. I flap my arms until I’m exhausted and then wonder why my feet are still on the ground. Our job is obedience—just to get on the plane. In other words, to let God carry us.

Being carried doesn’t mean being passive. It simply means being in a dependent relationship. We take action, but we leave the ultimate responsibility and results to God. We also let Him determine the destination.

Sometimes that’s a little scary. As I looked out the window on that plane in Alaska, the mountains occasionally looked a little too close for comfort. But in the end, the pilot kept us safe. He also did more than just get us there; he let us see and experience things we never imagined. And when we landed, we felt more exhilarated than exhausted.

When God calls us to go somewhere in life, He also promises to get us there. When we trust, yield, and let Him carry us, everything changes. And that baggage you’ve brought with you? He’ll carry that too. Just step on board, settle in, lean back, and let love take you higher than you ever thought you could go.

–Excerpt from my devotional, God’s Heart for You.


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