Things Our Hearts Forget

I wander through the house and peek at surfaces, reach into bags, ask my husband what he’s seen. “Where did I put those sunglasses?” I wonder as I lift a hand to to scratch my head. And of course, there they are, perched neatly atop my very blond hair. I giggle. Sometimes our minds are forgetful.

I wander through the thoughts in my mind, peek at old memories, reach into lessons learned, ask my friends about their opinions. “Where did I put that truth I need right now?” I wonder as I place a shaking hand across my heart. And, of course, suddenly it’s there–the words I need to make it through the day, whispered from God to me. I grin. Sometimes our hearts are forgetful too.

I’m in a place of needing to remind my heart of what’s real, what’s true, what I can hold on to always. Maybe you are too?

Let’s take some time to remember the things our hearts forget.

Words like…

You’re loved.

You have a purpose.

You’re not alone.

They don’t ever go anywhere. But sometimes we do. Sometimes we lose them in the middle of the busy or the hard. But we can always go back to them and they’re right there waiting for us. As close as the sunglasses we discover are already on our heads.

Do you ever lose things {keys, sunglasses, etc.}? Please tell me I’m not the only one. 🙂

What truth does your heart need to remember today?


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About Holley

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