3 Totally Free Devotional Plans I Wrote that You Can Start Today

Lean in close and let me tell you a secret… sometimes spending time with God is hard for me. Yep, even as someone who writes Christian books for a living I know what it’s like to get stuck in Leviticus, distracted by a busy season, or fall asleep mid-prayer.

This week on the More than Small Talk podcast, Suzie, Jennifer, and I have a conversation about why it’s sometimes hard to read the Bible and what helps. My biggest takeaway? Approach time with God not as a routine but as a way to build an intimate relationship.

Part of this includes finding ways to read the Bible that fit with who we are. If we’re detail-oriented, we might enjoy an in-depth, word-by-word study. But if we’re an auditory learner, listening to the Bible on our commute might work better.

There is no one-size-fits all when it comes to spirituality.

It’s okay to be creative with how we connect with God. There is no one-size-fits all when it comes to spirituality. Why should the way we read the Bible be exactly the same when He made all of us different?

One tool that personally helps me is The Bible App by YouVersion. I’m going through their New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs yearly plan for the second time right now.

free Bible reading plansThe Bible App also has free devotional plans, including three based on my books:

Strong, Brave, Loved


The Powerful Purpose of Introverts

Combined, they have over 50,000 completions!

Note: To find these plans, download The Bible App to your device (it’s free!). When you open the app, type “Holley Gerth” in the search box and all three plans will appear. Then click on one to get started. (Need more instructions? You can find them on The Bible App site.)

God is inviting us to spend time with Him today simply because He loves us. We can start by pausing for a moment right now to pray…

God, I’m letting go of any ‘shoulds’ or guilt I’ve carried about how I’m supposed to connect with You. Help me be more aware of Your presence in every moment of my life, whether it’s the quiet ones alone with You or in the middle of all the chaos. I love You and I’m grateful You love me too. Amen.

Cheering You On,



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About Holley

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