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Hello, Friend! Just dropping in for a moment to cheer you on and help you embrace grace wherever you are, as you are today…

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I am always with you.

Take One Minute to Remember… God is with and for you right now.

When God appeared to Moses in the burning bush He said His name was “I am” not “I will be” or “I was.” I can get worried about the future or caught up in the past and ask, “God, why aren’t You in those places?” And I feel like He whispers to my heart, “Because I’m always present tense. The place where I am is always with you.”

We feel afraid when we worry about the future or dragged down when we’re stuck in the past. God invites us to stay with Him in this moment. Because our relationship with Him is about love and doing life together. We can complicate it or try to make it about being good or trying hard. I hope right now we can all just take a deep breath instead and say, “God is with me. God is for me. God loves me no matter what. And that’s enough for today.”


10 Second Step: Pause and pray, “God, I recognize You are with and for me today. I release my worries to You and receive Your unconditional love right here, right now. Amen.”


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About Holley

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