Wednesday, November 11, 2009 at 10:04 AM

When I had writer’s block recently, I asked what you’d like to see as a post. Several of you mentioned my work at DaySpring so I thought I’d start there…

Hard Times DaySpring Card 
Cover of an award-winning card I wrote last year, inspired by my personal struggle. 

My grandparents had a Christian bookstore when I was growing up. I spent many hours curled up on an old chair in back of the store reading the stacks of books I’d gathered from the shelves.

I wrote my first book at age five. It was not published but proudly tucked away by its number one fan–my Mom.

I never really considered another career besides writing.

My grandma on my dad’s side was an English teacher. So it seemed words flowed through my veins and heart from the moment I came into the world.

In school I wrote poetry during science class and carried around enourmous notebooks.

I graduated and enrolled as an English major.

All through high school I’d been the “good Christian girl.” And frankly, the pedestal was getting old. That first semester I rebelled.

I came home for Christmas break broken and desperately missing God. During that time my sweet Grandma (the one with the bookstore) mentioned to her DaySpring sales representative that she had a granddaughter who wanted to be a writer. The representative told her I could send some ideas.

So she passed that little bit of good news along and I decided to try a few greeting cards. It became a turning point in my faith too.

I know now that what happened next is nothing short of a miracle…to be continued.

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About Holley

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