Welcoming a New Week

Dogwood Trees photo by Nicoleacosta (flickr creative commons) Swirling around me are sounds of a new week beginning. I hear the whoosh-whoosh of the dishwasher, the tumble-tumble of the dryer. Outside twilight descends and closes out the weekend like curtains on a stage.

Already I feel the rush, don’t you? My heart beats faster, my mind races, my hands move from one task to the next. This is to be a day of rest and yet by the end of it I’m usually pushing the pedal to the floor and zipping into another week.

I look out my window and see my trees are also getting ready. One has a calendar, another a Blackberry, a third is already checking e-mail.

“No, no,” you say, “such foolishness!” And of course it is, because trees don’t plan their days. They don’t stress out about meetings. They don’t worry over their limbs.

And, I’ll let you in on a secret, they grow anyway.

That is what I fear, I think–that if I stop all this madness, this rushing, that I will become small and stale. I will stay the same forever.

But this is not true, the trees know. For growth comes from roots and not leaves. It comes from being grounded firmly in the soil of God’s love and then clinging to Him, drawing from Him, dwelling in Him each day.

So I pause, whisper a prayer, and begin anew. Surprised, I find that when I empty my heart of all I carry I’m free to lift my arms toward heaven.

We stand there for a moment, the trees and I, hands raised in welcome and feeling as if this week we might just touch the sky.

{revisiting these words written on a Sunday, needed so much on a Monday}

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About Holley

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