What are you bringing?

Hello Friend!

A suitcase sits in my closet. I toss jeans, sweaters, socks and shoes into it. As I look at each one I wonder, “Is this right? Will I look okay?” 

That was the scene in my bedroom as I packed for the Relevant conference in Pennsylvania. Many of my blogging friends would be there–grace-giving, wide-open-arms women who love me even if I don’t quite know how to accessorize.

But still I asked myself this question over and over…

“What should I bring?”

Then one clear fall afternoon it came to me. A whisper as soft as the breeze drifting through my windows. This thought:

It’s not what I’m bringing but Who I’m bringing that matters. 

Ah, yes, more important than those skinny jeans and boots packed away in my suitcase is the limitless, loves-me-just-as-I-am God tucked away in my heart. He’s promised to go wherever I go. 

I let out a happy sigh. 

I pull my suitcase closed, satisfied.

Yes, I’m showing up with more than enough. 

And wherever you are today, you are too. 



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About Holley

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