When it’s time for you to make the leap

photo by  cdsessums

She stands on the edge of a diving board, toes curled around the edge. Her pink swimsuit is a splash of color against the blue sky. Peering at the water and then back at her father, the question comes through in her eyes, “What will happen if I jump?” He nods and smiles. She pinches her nose tight, yells at the top of her lungs and slides into the water with a splash. 

When it’s time to take a leap, we want two things…

* For the fear to completely go away

* To know what’s going to happen

So we stand on the board and bounce. We gaze uncertainly into the water. We wait.

But the only way for the fear to go away and to know what’s going to happen is this: jump.

You’ll never resolve those issues while you’re standing on the board. You just won’t.

If you know what you’re to do, then do it.

Without hesitation.

With trust and courage and your eyes on your Father standing at the side of the pool.

He’ll help you be brave.

You’re not made for diving boards. They’re too small for you.

You’re made for the wide open expanse of life to the full that waits for you.

1, 2, 3…



P.S. Congratulations to Sharon Hall for winning the wooden painting. The winner was chosen through www.random.org Sharon, please email me your mailing address at hearttoheartwithholley@gmail.com. Y’all, thanks for sharing your hearts with me.

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About Holley

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