You’re Loved Right Here, Right Now, Just As You Are

Let’s talk about how loved you are. Here’s what I want to share with you today to remind you to pause and embrace your life — no matter how messy it is:

  • Listen: Dare to Be Who You Are (More than Small Talk podcast, episode 4)
  • Watch: A behind-the-scenes Instagram video with the More than Small Talk cast about self-care. Disclaimer: includes giggling.
  • Read (below): A one-minute reminder that you’re so loved.

Take One Minute to Remember…You’re So Loved

We love deeply when we know we’re deeply loved.

We really are loved. Just as we are. More than we know. There’s nothing that can change that in our lives. Not a bad day, not a mistake, not all the ways we may sometimes worry we fall short. Not messy hair or not fitting into our skinny jeans or that word we accidentally said when we stubbed our toe. Not the dust bunnies in the corners or the secrets in our hearts. Nothing.

Why? Because Jesus.

Whew. Let’s take a deep breath and remember we’re loved today. And one of the best things we can do for the people we love too is believing that’s true. “We love because God loved us first.” (1 John 4:19)


Small Next Step: Pause. Deep breath. Pray, “God, thank You that I am loved right here, right now, just as I am today. Amen.”


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About Holley

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