You’re Not an Extra

photo by tinou boa

photo by tinou boa

The Chicago city streets roar with life and the move to the rhythm of thousands of feet. Yet at one corner my husband, our friends and I find ourselves standing still. We ask others gathered in the same spot, “What’s going on?” Thankfully our question is returned with excited smiles, “They’re filming the next Transformers movie!”

Sure enough, we look up to see cars in the street ready for action. Along the sidewalk extras in the movie stand ready for their cue. Suddenly a truck explodes and scatters bottles {it was pretty awesome}. The extras scream convincingly and run toward the barricade where we’re standing. As they finish their “scene” we all clap and cheer. They grin and bow even though their part in the movie is likely to be a swift three seconds.

I think to myself, “We all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves.”

And you know what? We are.

Here’s what’s even better: There are no extras in God’s story.

Since the beginning of the world there’s been action, drama, comedy, tragedy. And each of us gets a role that really matters. Your life is your scene. Your chance to be part of what’s been unfolding since before you took your first breath and will continue long after you’ve taken your last.

Make the most of it.

Give it your best.

You never know who’s watching…or who’s waiting for a chance to cheer for you.


Holley Gerth


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About Holley

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