5 Free Devotional Plans for You! (Plus a Little Update)

Who else could use some extra encouragement this month? (Raises hand.) Mark and I both got Covid and an upper respiratory infection on top of it. I’m writing this from a coffee shop after not being able to leave my house for about two weeks and I feel like Andy Dufresne at the end of Shawshank Redemption—ha!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to speak at the Ladies Night Out event I shared with you. But Jennifer, Suzie, and KLRC teamed up to create a beautiful, powerful evening! You can hear part of it in this episode of More than Small Talk (this made me good cry in several places).

It’s also my birthday week, and I thought it would be fun to send a few little gifts your way. I have five free devotional plans for you on YouVersion, including a brand new one called Let There Be Writing!

Combined, they have over 85,000 completions! I love putting these together for you and plan to create more in the future. Are there any topics you’d love to see as a YouVersion reading plan? Let me know!

Let there be writing

In the beginning God created, and he still wants to do so through you. Join me as we walk through the first chapter of Genesis. You’ll see it from a new perspective, with truths and insights that will encourage you as a writer. No one else can share the words God has placed in your heart, and the world needs your voice more than ever.

Strong, Brave, Loved devotional

When we’re weary from our work and worries, it can be difficult to feel strong. When we’re scared of the future or the past, we wonder if we will ever be brave. When we’re weak, we struggle to believe that we’re loved. The good news is, we don’t have to feel strong, brave, or loved because we are. May this week-long devotional help you embrace what is true about you.

What your mind needs for anxious moments... free 5-day devo!

Anxiety is an inevitable part of being human, but it doesn’t have to control your mind. You really can live with more contentment and less worry, more inner peace and less fear, more joy and less stress—no matter what happens. This devotional combines brain science and biblical truths to help you take control of your anxious thoughts in powerful, practical ways.

Fiercehearted YouVersion plan

Every day we struggle to find more freedom, joy, and purpose. What if the solution isn’t trying harder or being better but embracing the fiercehearted woman already inside us? A fiercehearted woman looks life in the face and says, “You can’t beat me.” She lives fully and loves bravely. She never gives in, never gives up, and never lets go. She dares to be who she is—imperfect and beloved.

The Powerful Purpose of Introverts - free 7-day devotional plan

Introverts make up half the population, yet most people still don’t truly understand what it means to be one. If you’ve ever questioned who you are as an introvert, consider this your invitation to trade self-doubt for holy confidence. Learn how to embrace the gifts God had given you and live with clarity, courage, and confidence in a world that needs what only you can give.

How to Use YouVersion:

Download The Bible App by YouVersion to your device (it’s free!). When you open the app, type “Holley Gerth” in the search box and all five plans will appear. Then click on one to get started. (Need more instructions? You can find them on The Bible App site.)

I hope if your November is not turning out like you expected either that these will bring some extra hope to you! I also recommend long naps, hot tea, cozy blankets and good chocolate. 😉



p.s. Have you ever wanted to write devotionals or anything else? I have an online course that will help!


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About Holley

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