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I began this series with candles flickering in the light of a MEND service.

And as we draw closer to the end, I find myself thinking of light again.

I closed my talk that evening at MEND by saying…

Hope is a flame that’s lit inside us and no amount of darkness can overcome it. 

I imagine each of you also have a dream inside your heart that has flickered.

Yes, we know that feeling…the moment when light almost slips into darkness. But then, a divine spark comes and it is our choice to fan it into flame or let it fade.

A different kind of hope keeps shining no matter what.

Ann Voskamp asks us this week to think of Christ coming.

holy experience

And as I ponder this, I think about one of His names…Light of the World.

(A little side note…when I went to link this post to Ann’s site I found she, too, wrote about light this week. You’ll love her words.)

The candles within our hearts don’t bear our own light—they bear His.

He came long ago to a manger in Bethlehem. But He also comes again here, now, when our hearts need Him most.

It is not new light that burns within us, brightening the path.

No, the only true Light is the One illuminating all of eternity.

On Christmas, this is what (WHO!) we joyfully celebrate.

Jesus, Light of the World.

Yes, shine in us again. 

What’s one way He has brought hope to your heart this year?


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