In God’s Kingdom, there’s no such thing as competition.

We’re all running a race, but not the kind you might imagine. We don’t have the same starting line, the same distance to go, or the same steps to take.

Our finish lines are even in different places. We’re not running on a track—we’re each running on our own one-lane path.

In God’s Kingdom, there’s no such thing as competition. It’s impossible. Because no one else ever has or ever will run your race. Your journey is about you and Jesus. No one else.

He is not holding a stopwatch. He is not telling you to push harder. He is inviting you to move at the pace you’re created for, to simply stay in step with Him. You will not fall behind. You will not move too slow. Keep your eyes off the other runners and fix them on the One who has invited You to this adventure with Him.

Take your next step today, then another one tomorrow. Keep pressing forward. Let go of what’s behind. Be strong, brave, beautiful you all the way to the finish line.

Pray with me:

God, when we hear life is a race, it can sound like it’s all about winning and losing, about comparing and competing. But what You’re really inviting us into is an intimate adventure with You. It’s not about being the fastest but about being faithful. It’s not about beating anyone else but about matching the rhythm of our lives to the beating of Your heart. Help us to run with and for You every step until we’re Home. Amen.


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About Holley

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