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Rain on Me   

My first devotional book was recently published and I’m thrilled about sharing this “prayer come true” with you. It came out of a storm I’ve walked through the last four years and having it printed feels a bit like having my first baby.

Here’s an excerpt from the introduction…

Your first drop may have been a diagnosis given by a doctor with a grim face. Perhaps it was a note left on the kitchen table that said, “I’m sorry but I don’t love you anymore.” It could have been a phone call late at night and someone on the other end telling you the unthinkable.

Or your first drop may have come so softly you didn’t even recognize it. You tried to start a family and after another negative pregnancy test realized something might be wrong. You took a promising job and one day discovered that your computer screen might as well be a “dead end” sign. You began a relationship only to discover that your dream come true has started feeling a bit like a nightmare.

No matter how your first drop fell, it was probably followed by another…and another…and another. Now your heart is soaking wet and you’re wondering if you’ll ever feel warm and dry again.

The good news is God knows even more about rain than those scientists. He knows the destruction it can bring. He also knows how to redeem it and use it to bring beauty and hope to our lives.

Take a quick look out your window. Every flower or tree you see owes its life to rain. Every bird singing, every frog hopping, every living thing draws its strength from storms.

I’m not saying God caused the storm in your life. We live in a broken world and things are not as they should be. But I do believe that God is the Redeemer of the Rain. He longs to bring beauty out of brokenness, healing out of hurts, and new life out of losses.

I know this is true because I’ve experienced it personally…

To download the rest of the introduction, table of contents, and the first devotional, click here: Download Rain on Me Excerpt

Dayspring is graciously featuring Rain on Me on their site along with a set of cards and two exclusive necklaces. Here’s the surprise…The book is already 10% off and if you enter holley20 (my special code for friends and family) when you check out you’ll receive an extra 20% off everything you purchase (no expiration)! I’d love for you to share your discount with friends and family too.

I appreciate you and I’m so grateful for your support. May God redeem the rain in all of our lives…

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About Holley

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