Great news if you feel like you need to do it all this week…

I’m thinking of you today,

wondering about a new week,

asking, “How am I going to do it all?”

Here’s the great news:

Through Christ.

I can do everything through Him who gives me strengthen me. Philippians 4:13

And here’s the secret…

Just offer what you have.

I’ve been thinking of this, how I fear what I have falls short.

But then God whispers, reminds me, that He can redeem anything.

So as long as we do something, as long as we have the courage to move forward, then He can use whatever the outcome may be for His purposes.

(Oh, and resting, waiting, praying are most certainly doing something too.)

The greatest risk is doing nothing at all.

I heard someone say recently, “The world isn’t looking for perfect people–it’s looking for people who just haven’t quit.”

Your to-do list for the week?

Don’t quit.

Just keep going.

God will do the rest.


What helps you when you feel like you need to “do it all”?

written with love for you by holley

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p.s. Speaking of promises, congratulations to Jan Udlock and Shelly W for being the randomly chosen winners of the Promise Packs on the “Your Heart is Headed for Higher Ground” post . Those packs include a copy of Sheila’s Walsh’s new book The Shelter of God’s Promises, a Daily Bread Promise Box, and an All Things Through Christ bracelet from DaySpring!

AND two of your questions will be asked to Sheila Walsh during a radio broadcast that will be sent to over 100 stations throughout the country. I’ll post that broadcast here so you can listen to see which questions were picked. Stay tuned!

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About Holley

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