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What Your Heart Needs for the Hard DaysWhat Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days
“No matter what you’re going through this book is one you’ll keep and read often. I read through it twice and still pick it up when I’m facing a hard day.” – Judith


You’re Already AmazingYou're Already AmazingWall Street Journal Bestseller
“This is a fantastic study for any age group of women who want to grow in their relationship with God. You will be amazed as you discover how amazing God made you!” – Teri


“This book is, quite possibly, the most powerful book I’ve read. The impact on my life and thoughts has been monumental. I know I’ll reread this many, many times.” – Marie


6 The More than Small Talk Podcast:

More than Small Talk podcast

Want to go deeper, live freer and feel more connected? The More than Small Talk podcast will help! Find it on KLRC or your favorite podcast app: iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and TuneIn.


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About Holley

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