7 Differences Between Insecurity and Humility

I used to confuse insecurity with humility. I believed the lie that feeling bad about myself must somehow be good. I struggled with a fear of accidentally “becoming prideful.”

Then I finally decided to look at Scripture to see what true humility means. Most of the time, the word humility is from the Hebrew word Kana, which implies submission to another’s will. In the New Testament, it’s a Greek word formed from two others: tapeinos (low to the ground) and phren (our hearts/minds).

Put all that together and we see that humility means bowing our hearts to God. Or in other words, submitting to his will. And that means agreeing with what he says and living it out—­including what he says about us. Our strengths and skills are more than personal characteristics; they’re messages that tell us who God made us.

It’s never God’s intention for us to go through life with our heads hanging down in insecurity and our hearts made heavy by the fear that we’re not enough. We come to God and say, “I bow my heart before you in love. You are God and I am not. All I am, all I have, is yours.” Then he responds, “Stand tall, my child. You are loved. You are of great worth. I have a plan and purpose for you.”

7 differences between insecurity and humility

7 Differences Between Insecurity and Humility

Insecurity pushes us down; humility lifts us up.

Insecurity causes us to hide; humility helps us show as we are without pretending.

Insecurity whispers “You can’t do it”; humility reminds us that with God, anything is possible.

Insecurity tells us we need to change who are are; humility invites us to become more of who God truly made us.

Insecurity reminds us of our flaws; humility encourages us to use our strengths and gifts to serve.

Insecurity compares us to others; humility reminds us God has a unique purpose for our lives.

Insecurity tells us being an introvert isn’t enough; humility says we have everything we need because God has given it to us.

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