It’s Okay to Believe You’re Beautiful

photo by Joanna Bourne

photo by Joanna Bourne

I stand in front of the mirror and tilt my head from side-to-side. I’ve done this since Junior High. I can still picture that girl back then with the too-big bangs and a zit on her nose wondering if her smile will be enough to win her a spot at a lunch table.

I compare what I see in the mirror to the standards our culture puts out there for us as women. Am I thin enough? Is my make-up done right? Is my hair cute? {Confession: trying to be girly scares me silly. I never feel like I know what I’m doing when it comes to my appearance. I know this is irrational but it’s true. Basically my strategy is this: TJ Maxx                                                          plus stylish birthday gifts from friends. That’s how I                                                          survive.}

Yet on this morning as I look in the mirror the questions I usually ask quiet and instead a deeper Voice seems to whisper to my heart. “The way you look isn’t for you. It’s to fulfill the purpose I have for your life.” Huh. I think of how the Psalmist says that we’re knit together in our mother’s wombs. I’m a custom design by God. What was on his mind when he created me?

I look at the mirror again and I see differently. The round cheeks on my face that I sometimes wish weren’t there make me look kind. My big brown eyes say, “You can trust me.” The crazy piece of hair that will never, ever stay where it’s supposed to be says, “I’m a little bit messy too.” Could all of those things be purposely placed there by God? They must be, right?

Then that matters more than what the world says about who I should be, how I should look. I believe as a woman that we’re to honor God by taking care of our bodies. But we don’t have to feel pressure to be someone we’re not. And we’re usually far more critical of ourselves than anyone else in our lives.

This video from Dove is proof:

{Click this link if you can’t see the video}

What if we chose to see ourselves differently today?

What if we asked God for his perspective–for his help understanding the purpose for each feature he’s given us?

He says we’re wonderfully made. A divine design. A work of art. Who you are and how you look is intentional. Chosen with care. So let’s be gentle with ourselves and with each other. We’re God’s beautiful daughters and just like any parent, he delights in seeing us fully and freely be who we are.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I’m learning to say beauty is in the eyes of the Creator.



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About Holley

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