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Healing Our Souls from Hurry

Healing Our Souls from Hurry

I sit on the back porch in a chair, rocking, and staring at the trees. It's hard for me to be here in this place of stillness. My to-do list tugs at my mind, beckons me back inside, but I pull my knees closer to my chest and stay.

I watch birds find dinner at the feeder. A baby squirrel balances tentatively on a limb. The laughter of children drifts over the fence.

The trees whisper, "shhh, shhh." And it seems they are speaking to the stream of thoughts running endlessly through my mind.

I think of the first Psalm where a person who walks closely with God is described as being "like a tree planted by the rivers of water…that brings forth fruit in its season."

Fruit in its season. 

That phrase feels awkward to me–like a hot potato I want to toss away quickly. It doesn't fit in our fast-paced, get-it-done, make-every-second count world.

What kind of company would make fruit just in its season? Surely they'd find a way to have "round the clock" production because that's what it takes to get ahead in this world.

And it's not just companies who live that way. We do. I do.

As I stare at the trees I think perhaps that's not such a good idea. Perhaps we were made for silence and stillness because it's in those moments that growth happens.

Fruit in its season.

I think of the blueberries now ready just down the road. I wait all year for those berries. And they taste so much sweeter because of the wait.

God isn't in a hurry. He doesn't need me to make five, fifteen, or forty more bushels. The expectations I place on myself are more mine than His.

I seem to hear another whisper. This time it's not the trees but The One Who Loves Me."Shhh, shhh," He says to my heart.

And this time I listen, embracing the stillness in and around me. There will be time for fruit tomorrow, or the next day…whenever the season is right.

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