Jesus is Our Light {Heart of Christmas Series}

When God gave Jesus, He lit up the world with love.

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The true Light that gives light to every man was coming into the world. {John 1:9} We are surrounded by lights this time of year. They twinkle from trees, shine from rooftops, and glow through windows.

All of this reportedly began when Thomas Edison’s vice president decorated his Christmas tree with lights shortly after Edison invented the first light bulb. The idea caught on and still continues today.

But long before the first Christmas light ever came into being, God had one of His own. Jesus said, “I am the Light of the World.” This Light was also meant for a tree. But this time the tree would be a wooden cross at Calvary.

Even after 2000 years, Jesus is still shining bright and chasing away the darkness. So each time you see a twinkle this year, may it also be a reminder of the One who gives light to all mankind.

When God gave Jesus, He lit up the world with love.

How does Jesus bring light into your life? What are some ways can you pass His light on to others?

P.S. I’m writing many places today! “Your God-sized dream is just as much about perspiration as inspiration.” Click here to continue reading.

P.P.S. I’m also at (in)courage today. “When we make intentional choices and then stop when we’re “full” we’re not being wasteful — we’re being purposeful.” Click here to continue reading.


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* This post is part of The Heart of Christmas series we’re going through as we prepare for Christmas. Each message is a short devotional you can read and share in the middle of this busy time of year to help you and those you love stay focused on what matters most—celebrating Jesus! To read all the #heartofchristmas posts, click here.

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