You Have More to Offer than You Know

One of the lies I’ve found myself battling lately is, “I don’t have enough….” Maybe you can relate? The way I finish the sentence depends on the day.

I don’t have enough energy.

I don’t have enough expertise.

I don’t have enough strength to get through this.

So how can we change what we say to ourselves?

I’ve been thinking of a story from the gospels when Jesus feeds a huge crowd. As evening comes, the disciples tell Him to dismiss everyone for a dinner break. There’s no Chick-fil-A nearby so Jesus responds that the disciples can feed the people. They protest, “But we only have five loaves of bread and two fish!” (Matt. 14:17)

One phrase sounds familiar to me, “But we only have….” In other words, “We don’t have enough.” The disciples respond this way because they only see the human side of the situation. But Jesus looks beyond this to the deeper reality.

Even now, you have more to offer than you know.

What if we pause and shift our perspective too? In my life, that sounds like…

I don’t have enough energy for everything, but I have enough for what God is asking me to do today.

I don’t have enough expertise to never make mistakes, but I know enough to start trying and learn along the way.

I don’t have enough strength to get through this on my own, but with God all things are still possible.

What would your version be?

If what we have to offer feels as small as five loaves and two fish, that’s okay. It’s not how much we have that matters, it’s whose hands we place it in today.

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About Holley

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