I recently said farewell to a dear friend of mine. My cell phone, a constant companion for the last five years (yes, five!), bit the dust for good during the ice storm last week. I knew it was coming, I just didn’t know when.

I went to pick up my new phone yesterday. As I was standing at the counter a frantic woman arrived. As she waited, she shifted from foot-to-foot, glanced around, and sighed a few times. Finally, the clerk asked her what she needed. She replied, “Do you have a charger for this phone? I’ve been to four stores and no one has what I need because it’s so old.” The clerk shook his head.

As she held up her phone, I realized the little holes for the charger looked oddly familiar. They were an exact match with my old phone. I said, “I’ve got a car charger outside you can have and two more at home I can mail to you.”

Suddenly, a huge smile crossed her face and she exclaimed, “Really? That would be wonderful!” You would have thought she won the lottery.

Later in the day I thought about how God must be into details. He also must think a whole lot of the woman I met. It seemed He orchestrated everything down to the very second so that our paths could cross and her request could be answered. (Want to know a secret? He thinks a lot of you too!)

It seems we’re all like that woman on some days. Our hearts need “chargers” (aka encouragement) to keep going. Just when we think we’ll never find what we’re searching for God sends a kind word, an understanding friend, or whatever we need our way–sometimes from the most unlikely of sources.

All of this reminds me of an amazing video I just discovered thanks to Michael Hyatt and Jason Rovenstine. It’s all about validation and how it eventually comes full circle. It’s 16 minutes long but totally worth it. Here’s the link: Validation.

In cell phones and in life, I never cease to be amazed by what a difference a little bit of connection can make.

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About Holley

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