What’s True No Matter How We Feel {Book Club – Session Two}

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If you’ve ever battled lies or struggled to hold on to what’s true then this is for you…

A couple weeks ago I shared how You’re Already Amazing came out of a season when I worked as a counselor. But I’ve been on the other side of the “couch” too.

A few weeks ago I sat in my counselor’s office and shared yet another lie that kept echoing in my heart.

I shook my head and thought, “How can I still be dealing with this stuff?” But then I realized that was like a soldier saying, “Why do the bullets keep coming?” We have an enemy who is determined to see us defeated. And lies are his favorite weapon. The battles in our lives don’t mean we are weak failures—they mean we are fierce warriors.

While we can’t get rid of the lies completely until we step into eternity, we can develop strategies that will make sure we have victory when they come. Here’s the secret every holy soldier needs to know: Truth is always more powerful than a lie. So let’s learn to use it instead of repeating Eve’s defeat.

The devil shows up with a single question: “Did God really say . . . ?” (Gen. 3:1). His sinister question is hauntingly familiar. I’ve heard other versions:

“Did God really say you have what it takes?”

“Did God really say you’re loved?”

“Did God really say who you are is okay?”

And, like Eve, I often respond, reconsider, and become convinced. What if Eve had said, “Yep, God sure did say that, and I’m not listening to another word. Hit the road, buster”? What if we said that?

“Yes, God really did say I can do all things through Christ” (see Phil. 4:13).

“Yes, God really did say He loves me with an everlasting love” (see Jer. 31:3).

“Yes, God really did say I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (see Ps. 139:14).

Everything could change forever.

You’re Already Amazing LifeGrowth Guide, Session Two

There were several tools in the You’re Already Amazing LifeGrowth Guide to help us deal with lies. Here’s another quick, simple one that consists of two questions:

First, pause and ask: What is my heart hearing right now?

Then ask: What does God say is true instead?

It can also help to write down a list of the lies you most commonly hear as well as Scriptures that replace them. And an important note: You may not feel differently right away. That takes time—just like it takes time for a soldier’s heart to stop pounding even after the battle is won. So be gentle and patient with yourself.

We are mighty warriors with the “same power that raised Jesus from the dead” inside us (Eph. 1:19-20). We are more than conquerors. We can’t be defeated. Let’s refuse to allow the enemy of our souls to convince us otherwise. He has no real power—his only hope is that we will believe him and then act on it.

We will not fall like Eve.

We will stand tall, declare the truth and live in victory. Amen?

Discussion: What’s a lie women are tempted to believe? What is the truth that can overcome that lie? {Subscribers, click here to come to the blog post so you can leave a comment.} If you also share this post and say you did so in your comment then you’ll be entered to win this God’s Heart for You necklace from my collection on DaySpring to remind you of who God says you are! Congratulations to Chasity Lopez, the winner from last Monday!

I’m so glad we get to discover and declare the truth together!


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