No Matter What, You Are Loved Today and Forever

Do you feel weighed down today? Maybe worries, cares, items on your to-do list, and expectations feel heavy, like rocks in your backpack that make your shoulders and soul ache.

Pause for a moment and ask, “What have I picked up that Jesus never asked me to carry?” He says that his burden is light, and what is not from him often sounds like this:

I should…
I need to…
I have to…

What do all of these have in common? The belief that you must do certain things to be loved and accepted. But here is your eternal reality: There will never be a moment in your life when you are not fully loved.

You are loved when you are at your best.
You are loved when you are at your worst.
You are loved when you are productive.
You are loved when you are deeply weary.
You are loved when you meet expectations.
You are loved when you embrace your limits.
You are loved when you do the right thing.
You are loved when you mess up again.
You are loved when you get the gold star.
You are loved when you show up as you are.

There will never be a moment in your life when you are not fully loved.

The pressure to be perfect doesn’t come from the heart of God. It comes from a fallen, broken world that will always say, “more, more, more.” You will never be able to do enough to silence that mantra. But you have the divine right to say, “I choose to no longer listen.”

The lie that’s easy to believe is, “If I just do one more thing, then it will be enough for me to feel whole on the inside.” But do the one thing and the mirage evaporates, the finish line moves, the fine print on your performance contract says, “Terms may be changed at any time.”

It’s okay to take a deep breath, rest for a moment in your belovedness, and return to your life as someone who has nothing to prove. When the pressure comes back like a salesman knocking on the door of your soul, you can repeat this again—even if it’s a hundred times a day.

Love is not something you have to purchase with your perfection; it is a gift to be received that has always been yours. Nothing and no one can take it from you today.

There will never be a moment in your life when you are not fully loved.

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About Holley

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