No Matter How You Feel Today, You’re Loved Anyway and Always

Do you ever have thoughts like, “If anyone really knew all of me, they might not love me the same”? Me too—it’s such a human thing to do. But thankfully, it isn’t true.

I stand at the kitchen stove and stir butter around a warm pan with a spoon. My mind feels mixed up too. I close my eyes and whisper the prayer I’m learning to cling to in these moments, “God, what do You want to say to my heart today?”

Usually a Scripture comes to mind. Sometimes I remember encouraging words from a wise friend. But this time a new phrase comes instantly: I love you anyway. Tears fill my eyes because it’s exactly what I need to hear. My struggles sometimes make it seem as though God must be upset and far away. But He is still right there with me. And He is still for me.

When we battle depression, God loves us anyway.
When we fight anxiety, God loves us anyway.
When we mess up, God loves us anyway.
When we face doubts, God loves us anyway.
When we forget who we really are, God loves us anyway.
When we’re weary, God loves us anyway.
Whatever we’re struggling with today, God loves us anyway.

I carry my plate to the table and whisper, “God, help me truly believe I’m loved by You right now just as I am.” My prayer is the same for you. May we be confident we’re loved anyway. May we be certain we’re loved always. Especially on the hard days.

No matter how you feel today, you’re loved anyway and always.

God, Your love is so far beyond our understanding. Even if we can’t fully comprehend it please help us to receive it, embrace it, believe it with all our hearts. You are the One who created us. You have a good plan for our lives. You alone have determined our identity and destiny. We are unconditionally, fully loved by You. Amen.

Nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Romans 8:38

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About Holley

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