You’re not a Quitter…You’re a Climber

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“Let’s go!” my spandex-clad husband cheerfully declares as we round a corner on our bikes. I’ve been enthusiastically pedaling along with him but suddenly my eyes see it…THE HILL.

“Did we make a wrong turn?” I ask with hope in my voice. His sprint to the start of the incline serves as my answer.

I start strong.

By halfway up I think I might die.

By two thirds up I’m hoping I will.

I wave farewell to the caterpillar racing past my tire.

The scenes of my life flash before my eyes and I notice a lot of them contain chocolate.

Then suddenly…I’m there.

At the top.

I would whoop and holler with joy except I can’t breathe. But I do manage a lopsided grin. And my husband says, “Aren’t you glad you didn’t quit?” Despite a strong desire to smack him on his spandex-covered tush for putting me through this, I have to admit he’s right. Stinking hill. It was worth it after all.

You will want to quit. More than once.

And fear is always at the root of it.

I’m not going to make it.

I can’t do this.

It’s too much.

But listen here–you can do it. You’re stronger than you know. Your God is bigger than you’ve seen. That hill isn’t as unending as it seems right now.

Just keep going and going and going.

Until you leave fear in the dust.

Here’s the secret: You’re not a quitter…you’re a climber. You just may not know it yet.


Holley Gerth

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