Giveaway Winner and “Found it!” Friday


Thank you for all of your wonderful responses to the travel mug giveaway! I loved hearing the different ways you deal with busy days. If you haven’t read all of the comments yet, I hope you’ll take a moment to do so. You ladies (and a few brave guys) are amazing!

I used our dear friend the random number generator and the official winner is comment #42:

When I’m too busy to think straight, I tell everyone in the house that I need 5 minutes of alone time. Then I go into the bedroom and go to my knees to pray. I then start listing all the things that I have to be thankful for, and before I know it, all seems calmer. Somehow just remembering all of my blessing seems to take care of the frazzle of the day.

Cindy, you can now add a new travel mug to your list. Let’s congratulate her!


I’m heading to Christian Book Expo in Dallas for the weekend. If any of you will be there, please let me know! I’m seeing some dear friends, doing a book signing, and of course, working in the real priorities (aka shopping and eating). I’m sure I will do something ridiculous before the weekend is over and I promise to tell you all about it on Monday.


This week I discovered a couple of fun new blogs with the word “coffee” in their titles. In honor of the travel mug giveaway, I’m passing them along to you. (It’s also insanely early for me to be up and I’m not a morning person so coffee is definitely on my mind at the moment.)

Sip. Savor. Share…

Under Grace & Over Coffee: I Take My Coffee with Milk, Sugar and the Joy of Knowing Jesus


Like a Warm Cup of Coffee: A Place to Curl Up and Begin Your Day


(And I’m throwing one with chocolate in just because I like the two together in real life too–any time of day. In fact, I may go have a piece right now.)


Stop and Smell the Chocolates



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