You Don’t Have to Have All the Answers

God will be faithful. Always. We can trust Him.

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I have a special treat for you today! I’ve asked my fabulous virtual assistant, Kaitlyn Bouchillon, to share her heart with you. Kaitlyn helps me with editing, social media, creating graphics and a variety of other things. She’s gifted, gracious, brilliant and keeps me on track. I’m so blessed to work with her!

Kaitlyn is graduating from college in three weeks and she’s going to be taking on more clients. If you’ve ever thought about having a virtual assistant, get in touch with her before all her time is taken! And enjoy her encouraging words for you below too…


From Kaitlyn Bouchillon:

I heard once that God is the one who overcomes — and because He does, we can come over. That sounds like really good news for me right now, and maybe you too?

There are days – maybe weeks, months, or even years – when there are more questions than answers, more things up in the air than things we know for certain. The times when someone you love dearly is sick, a relationship is falling apart, the bills are stacking up or the kids are running you wild.

Can I tell you a little secret?

It’s okay. You’re okay.

Even when life is topsy-turvy and spinning a bit out of control.

Even when it feels like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Even when your hands are full.

Because there is One who has overcome. And so we can come over.

In the Bible, before the curtain was torn in two, the Holy of Holies could not be entered into by just anyone. You and I, we would not have been able to approach the place of the Lord’s presence. The curtain would have separated us – not from His love, because oh friend, how He loves us! – but from His beautiful, consuming, powerful presence.

But when Jesus Christ died as a sacrifice, the curtain that kept the distance and created a separation was torn in two. From top. to. bottom.

It was nothing man could do, but God did it for man. He entered into our mess and invited us into His presence. We can come over.

So when the counters need wiping, the bills are past-due and you can’t remember the last time you showered or got a full night’s sleep, remember this:

Maybe it’s not about knowing all the answers but trusting the Answer. And maybe the world that feels like it’s on your shoulders is really in His (more than capable) hands. You can stop climbing mountains and wondering if you’re enough because the truth is: Christ in you is BEAUTIFUL.

So hold onto hope, friend. Choose to believe He’s got it all figured out and His plans are so very good. Remember that the time spent worrying is time taken away from praying for the very things that cause us to worry. Slow is a frame of mind and today we can pause and choose to come over.

We may not know all the answers, but we can know the One who does.

Kaitlyn Bouchillon
p.s. Can I let you in on a little secret? I wrote these words for you — but I also wrote them to myself. In less than three weeks I’ll be walking across a stage in a cap and gown. I’m so excited and also terrified. There are so many unknowns. But. He has proven faithful in all things, at all times, in all ways.

God has clearly marked the path for me to be a full-time Virtual Assistant, and so I’m stepping in faith! A Virtual Assistant takes care of the behind-the-scenes stuff – like social media, for example – so that you can focus on where God is leading and use your gifts fully. 

One of my favorite things about graduating (besides the fact that I’ll be able to eat grilled cheese for dinner every night without a cafeteria of people judging me) is that I have the huge honor and joy of continuing to work for Holley as her Virtual Assistant! She is one of my very favorite people (Holley, if you edit this out I will add it right back in)

If you’re looking for a Virtual Assistant, I would be delighted to serve you too. Just get in touch with me and let me know what you need. I look forward to hearing from you! XOXO Kaitlyn

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About Holley

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